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Pretty Useful Co.

Anxiety Language Sticker Sheet

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Sure, we've all heard of the 5 love languages. But what if anxiety is more your speed? Well, have no fear. We've got you covered –– sort of literally, because these are stickers.

Meet Anger, Avoidance, Overcompensation, Impulsivity, and Withdrawalthe 5 Anxiety languages.  

Our Sticker Sheet features the 5 anxiety languages, plus a few bonus stickers! The "So Fun!", "Anxiety??", and Pretty Useful Co. logo are all cut out as well. The sticker sheet is a standard 8.5" x 11" letter-size and is printed on vinyl for easy sticking and easy removal.

Individual sticker measurements:

Anger: ~3.5" wide by 2.5" tall
Avoidance: ~2.7" wide by 2.5" tall
Impulsivity: ~4" wide by 2.3" tall
Overcompensation: ~2.7" wide by 3.7" tall
Withdrawal: ~2.7" wide by 1.5" tall
Anxiety??: ~5" wide by 1" tall
So Fun!: ~3.1" wide by 1.7" tall
Pretty Useful Co. Badge: 1" by 1"