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Impulsivity: An Anxiety Language Sticker

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Sure, we've all heard of the 5 love languages. But what if anxiety is more your speed? Well, have no fear. We've got you covered –– sort of literally, because this is a sticker.

Meet Impulsivity, an anxiety language. 

If impulsivity is your go-to for trying to relieve your anxiety, it might look like: retail therapy, suddenly abandoning a goal or cancelling without notice, suddenly taking up a whole new, all-consuming hobby, or making big decisions on the fly with little to no forethought. 

Our Impulsivity sticker measures roughly 4" wide by 2.3" tall and is printed on vinyl for easy sticking and easy removal.

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Meet Anger, Avoidance, Overcompensation, Impulsivity, and Withdrawal – or get a sticker sheet for even more fun.